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NO previous art experience is needed

In these workshops, everyone is a beginner. You are welcome even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush. There are no critiques, analysis of the work or focus on the finished product. The Goal is expressing yourself with no judgement , focusing on  the creative process rather than on technique or expertise. This freedom to express and create will embark you  on the greatest of all human adventures—embracing your own path and confidently following it.

    1. Intuitive  Painting : Enjoy the wonder of creativity, rediscover your  path to the creative self. The power inherent in painting is that it can awaken a wild vein of passion that will not go back to sleep. Using only the simple tools of brush, paper and paint. It will take you on a highly personal journey of daring and risk, made possible through a safe environment and the support of Ivonne Acero, you facilitator.
    2. Empowered Females  Integrate the different roles of womanhood, create balance and serenity in your life, enjoy   work, home, relationships. Build self-esteem, confidence and sel - reliance.
    3. *Dancing with  Wolves : Find the obstacles that are blocking you  -  past and/or present -   use creativity as a catalyst for change. Build self-worth, confidence and Independence.
       *Domestic Violence Expert/Advocate/Survivor 
    4. Corporate America  : helps you discover your strengths and overcome your weaknesses as a leader/team player. Build  group self-worth, confidence and reliance.
    5. Beauty and the Beast : Explore the power of feminity -body, mind, and soul-  and  create new tools to feel comfortable in your own skin. It  will reflect on your  external & internal beauty. Brake  negative patterns. Empower your femaleness.
    6. Deep-ing: Work with and for your inner strengths . Discover the wonderful colors of the shadow. Resurface with your own trophy
    7. Mapping your goals : Engage spiritually to the present moment, map out your life goals and how to achieve them) **Second Level
    8. Into The woods- Visiting your Inner child : Discover and recover your child within. Revisit. and incorporate your inner child in your life. Create your new and improved imagery **Second Level
    9. Sanctuary : Create your own safe, and special place, and a new state of mind to start or reinforce your spiritual journey.                

    *Domestic Violence expert/advocate/survivor 

    **Second level need to have taken any

     of  the other workshops before

    Bilingual facilitator - English & Spanish

    Workshops can be customized to your group’s needs. 

    Ask for consultation

     Individualized Expressive Art Workshops 

    Looking for a creative way to bond with friends, family or co-workers? Take time to reaffirm your relationships and create meaningful memories, during an afternoon of expressive art.
    These workshops will give you a chance to:

    • Nurture friendships and explore how they will evolve as your lives change
    • Create meaningful  memories  with the people you care
    • Build  group self-worth, confidence and reliance
    • Strengthen  and nurture relationships
    • Most importantly... Enjoy and Have Fun